Camping rules

Download the document below for the complete internal and camping rules of the TIMELESS FESTIVAL

The Timeless Festival 2022 campsite is subject to these rules which you accept by entering the site.

Any infringement of these rules will result in sanctions, including exclusion from the campsite and the festival.

Access to the campsite will be strictly reserved to people with a weekend ticket.

Saturday 6 August 2022 - from 10:30 to 20:00 until Monday 8 August at 11:00 at the latest.

EXIT POLICY: The only exit allowed will be on Sunday 7 August from 10:00 to 14:00. Access to the outside sanitary facilities is possible. However, it will not be possible to bring in any food or drink from outside.
Any other exit = final 

Access to the campsite:
The campsite is exclusively accessible to the holders of the wristband that will be issued at the entrance of the festival based on the ticket. It must be worn at all times.

Ticket for access to the campsite :
Weekend + camping : access to the camping/festival from Saturday August 6th to Monday August 8th.
VIP week-end + camping => access to the campsite/festival from Saturday August 6th to Monday August 8th.
At each entrance, a security check and a luggage search are possible.

CHECK-IN: one single check-in when you arrive on Saturday (don't forget to bring enough water, soft drinks and food for the whole festival). the whole festival).
After the search, you will not be allowed to bring any food or drink outside the festival. drinks outside the festival. However, you will be able to make several trips with the rest of the stuff, going through the search again.
Maximum 4L of beer per person. Soft drinks and water at will. Reminder: ONLY ONE ONLY ONE PASSAGE.


Are not permitted on the campsite

  • any glass container
  • possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages except those sold by the festival organizer
  • water pipes, chichas, and the possession or consumption of any drugs
  • any type of fire bigger than a lighter flame (barbecue, candles, burners and other gas installations, ...)
  • any type of aerosols (deodorant balls are allowed)
  • generators
  • tools (wrenches, pliers, shovels, etc.) that can be used to dismantle the gates. Any person attempting to climb, open or damage the infrastructures, or to fraudulently introduce objects inside the campsite, will be immediately excluded from the campsite and the festival
  • music installations (sound system). Music is not allowed in order to respect everyone's sleep
  • commercial activities: campers are not allowed to sell food, drinks or anything else.
  • distribution of flyers and other promotional materials
  • sharp objects and any other material that could harm the conviviality of the campsite (knives, fireworks, firecrackers, ...)
  • unless expressly authorized by the organization, any large tent exceeding 9 m²

A reasonable amount of soft drinks may be brought onto the campsite provided that the plastic bottles or cans containing them have not been opened before. Food that does not need to be cooked or reheated is also allowed inside the campsite (as well as a cooler to store it).

The above-mentioned objects will be confiscated at the entrance and the organisation declines all responsibility in case of non-return.

Any person found on the campsite in possession of one of the above-mentioned prohibited objects will be immediately excluded from the campsite and the festival.

Offenders may be prosecuted if the possession of the aforementioned objects constitutes a criminal offence (knife, drugs,...).

Security guards and stewards will be permanently present at the entrance and inside the campsite. Do not hesitate to inform them of any problem.

Sanitary facilities

Toilets and showers are available to campers for free.

The showers will be available from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on Sunday August 7 at the Hall Omnisport (located at 200 meters from the site - Rue des Jardins, 46 at 5580 Jemelle)

Free toilets will be available at all times on site.

Tent space

The surface area for each tent is 4 m2 (2-person pitch); 9 m2 (4-person pitch).

The tent must be installed in the area designated by the members of the organisation.

The ground markings delimiting the fire lanes and emergency exits must be respected.

Any installation (tent, tensioners, etc.) likely to hinder the passage of the emergency services will be dismantled.

Respect for the site and other campers

It is strictly forbidden (under penalty of immediate exclusion) to leave your waste on the ground.

Campers are obliged to sort their waste and deposit it at the nearest collection point. Bins are available free of charge at the campsite reception.

It is forbidden for the camper to damage the trees, to cut branches and to damage the ground.

Any damage to the vegetation, fences, grounds or installations will be the responsibility of the person responsible, who will have to pay the cost of repairing the damage.

Any behaviour that disturbs the rest of the campers will be subject to exclusion from the site.

In general, everyone is requested to refrain from any action that could harm the friendliness, cleanliness, hygiene and general appearance of the campsite and its facilities, particularly the sanitary facilities.

The pitch used during the stay must be returned in the same condition as the camper found it on arrival.

Theft / Damage

Despite the presence of security guards, it is impossible to monitor the belongings of each camper. Therefore, never leave valuables unattended in your tent or elsewhere.

The organisation declines all responsibility in case of theft or damage to your personal belongings.

At your service

Do you have a question or need information? The members of the organisation remain at your disposal during the whole festival.